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The Author and Curator
Daniel Comp is the Author and Curator of 'Leaving Scotomaville'. Daniel is a respected husband, father, entrepreneur and US Navy Veteran. He's demonstrated decades of sacrificial commitment to human achievement by working with solo-preneurs and challenged business owners using core principles of perseverance and resourcefulness. His Clifton Strengths are: ACHIEVER-LEARNER-INPUT-BELIEF-ACTIVATOR. Daniel believes; "The greatest expedition you'll ever undertake is the journey to self-understanding."

Know Thyself
For thousands of years, 'Know Thyself' has been considered a luxury for the affluent. Today, we have supercomputers aimed at our brains, looking for insights and opportunities to recommend and persuade our decisions and destinations. Today, 'Know Thyself' is a full-out competition. Scotomaville is one facet of the essential human challenge to emerging AI and DATAISM. Scotomaville will help champions become far more self-aware, self-understanding and self-disciplined in order to actively challenge the attention battle.

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The Book, Video Series and Platform
'Scotomaville' is an integrated video series and print guidebook that couples with an online support and training platform. Participants can watch the 'edu-tainment' videos on YouTube, read through the full color book and click-through to YouTube from the pages of each episode. They can also interact with the author and other participants in group forums, and in private 1-on-1 support sessions.

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